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Ice Cream Cake
Wedding Cake x Gelato 33

A smooth and sweet tasting finish. Reliably testing in the high 20% in Delta 9 Thc, it is actually quite a mellow and functional effect.

Sour Kush:
Sour Diesel x OG Kush
MRT Sour Kush Nug Shot.jpg
MRT Sour Kush.png

Very potent skunky smell and taste with an incredibly fuzzy effect. 

Orange Cookie Chem:
Juanita La Lagrimosa X Kalijah
MRT Orange Cookie Chem Nug Shot(1).jpg
MRT Orange Cookie Chem.jpg

From our friends at Free World Genetics, this citrusy and hashy bud produces a mellow and clearheaded effect. Perfect for feeling goofy.

Gas Basket
Gary Payton x Bakers Dozen
MRT Gas Basket Nug Shot(1).jpg
MRT Gas Basket.jpg

An incredibly skunky and flavorful flower, with a relaxing body-heavy effect.

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